Graphite Problem with long term stats

Hello Community,

I have a problem which drives me crazy…
I have a graph that perfectly works for 2 days

when I use 1 month the graph is completely empty

My storage-schemas Konfig looks like this :

cat /etc/carbon/storage-schemas.conf
pattern = ^icinga2…*.(max_check_attempts|reachable|current_attempt|execution_time|latency|state|state_type)
retentions = 5m:7d

pattern = ^icinga2.
retentions = 1m:2d,5m:30d,10m:60d,30m:365d,360m:4y

pattern = .*
retentions = 60s:1d

pattern = ^carbon.
retentions = 60:90d

the whisper info sais that the value.wsp was generated correctly
whisper-info value.wsp

maxRetention: 126144000
xFilesFactor: 0.5
aggregationMethod: average
fileSize: 522316

Archive 0
retention: 172800
secondsPerPoint: 60
points: 2880
size: 34560
offset: 76

Archive 1
retention: 2592000
secondsPerPoint: 300
points: 8640
size: 103680
offset: 34636

Archive 2
retention: 5184000
secondsPerPoint: 600
points: 8640
size: 103680
offset: 138316

Archive 3
retention: 31536000
secondsPerPoint: 1800
points: 17520
size: 210240
offset: 241996

Archive 4
retention: 126144000
secondsPerPoint: 21600
points: 5840
size: 70080
offset: 452236

The graph on the graphite web lokks the same like in icinga2 so this is no icingaweb2 issue but I have no clue whats is wrong in graphite log i dont see any errors -,-

OS is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
graphite-carbon/bionic,now 1.0.2-1 all [installiert]
graphite-web/bionic,now 1.0.2+debian-2 all [installiert]
libgraphite2-3/bionic,now 1.3.11-2 amd64 [Installiert,automatisch]

icinga2/icinga-bionic,now 2.12.0-1.bionic amd64 [installiert]
icinga2-bin/icinga-bionic,now 2.12.0-1.bionic amd64 [installiert]
icinga2-common/icinga-bionic,now 2.12.0-1.bionic all [installiert]
icinga2-doc/icinga-bionic,now 2.12.0-1.bionic all [Installiert,automatisch]
icinga2-ido-mysql/icinga-bionic,now 2.12.0-1.bionic amd64 [installiert]
icingacli/icinga-bionic,now 2.8.2-1.bionic all [installiert]
icingaweb2/icinga-bionic,now 2.8.2-1.bionic all [installiert]
icingaweb2-common/icinga-bionic,now 2.8.2-1.bionic all [Installiert,automatisch]
icingaweb2-module-doc/icinga-bionic,now 2.8.2-1.bionic all [Installiert,automatisch]
icingaweb2-module-monitoring/icinga-bionic,now 2.8.2-1.bionic all [Installiert,automatisch]

I hope someone can help me,

Greetings David