Graphite or InfluxDB?


(Michael Friedrich) #1

Some thoughts from my experience:


- hard to install, not many packages
- scaling is needed in larger environments
- debugging with retentions is sometimes not so clear
- possible problems with special characters in metrics, needs write-application-escaping, e.g. `%CPU_time=0.1`
+ once running, stable and reliable. Many Puppet, Ansible, etc. modules for easier deployment.
+ simple input format for metrics with dots
+ no extra overhead with tags and metadata
+ carbon-cache-ng written in Golang is faster, many community proven tools around for scaling
+ official Icinga web module


- impossible to wipe stale data from date X to date Y
- SQL like query language looks simple, but is hard to use in Grafana imho
- Distributed and horizontal scaling is not OSS. Paid enterprise closed source.
- Documentation is at the minimum level, you will Google a lot.
+ fast metric processing, Golang daemons
+ tags and measurements for additional metadata and metric reporting
+ fast development
+ Integration with other tools (Grafana, TICK-Stack)