Graphite in 2024

Hello everybody,

I am currently researching which graphical visualisation plugins / software / service is currently most suitable for icinga2 and icingaweb2. I originally wanted to install graphite on an extra server, but seeing that the plugin is really old, I am encountering a lot of issues, e.g. the requirement of puppet =< 6.0 for the corresponding puppet module, old python / django version dependencies and out of date (meaning usually more than 3 years old) tutorials and documentation.

Am I missing something? Are there more streamlined implementations? Does anyone have experience with graphite in the last year or so?

If no, what are currently popular alternatives (meaning they are e.g. relatively well documented)?
I read about Grafana, but to my understanding, Grafana requires Graphite as well, leading to a similar problem.

Any help or direction where to research further would be greatly appreciated.

Most popular is grafana. Grafana is for visualization only, hence, you need a time series database e.g. Graphite or InfluxDB etc.

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We’re using Grafana with InfluxDB.

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