Graphite graphs not in detailed view

Hello everyone, I just configured icinga and graphite.
I can see graphs in the graphite tab but not in service details (I see time related comboboxes and a white graph, not even with lines, etc…)
I would like to know if it’s a known issue or if I did something wrong?

Thank you.

Graphite tab:

Deltailed view:


please share more details about your environment and versions, e.g. Icinga Web 2, Graphite module, Browser, etc.
Also, is there anything visible in the apache logs and the browsers developer console?


Yes, thanks for the fast answer.
Icingaweb2 2.7.1
Graphite module: 1.1.0
Browser is google chrome.

Nothing from apache logs though, I can see from dev console the following.


Hmm, @Al2Klimov any ideas?

I think one of us had a similar problem and solved it by reloading the web page. Oh and… nothing from which Apache logs? Icinga Web 2 or Graphite Web?

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Reloading emptying cache, etc did it, Ctrl + Shift + R in my case.
Thanks a lot guys, this looks good :slight_smile: