Graphite graphs change to MB/s


My Graphite is showing interface usage graphs with values in bits.
How can I change it to MB/s?


I assume this change needs to be done in the template file. Probably yUnitSystem?
At the moment is using si.


binary would make the unit change between bits/bytes/kbits/kbytes and so on.

But it looks like this is the default template that is used there, which I wouldn’t change.

As an example:
A template I cloned/created from an exisiting one that comes with the module

snmp-interface graphite template
check_command = "snmp-interface"

bpsin = "$service_name_template$.perfdata.$interface$_in_bps.value"
bpsout = "$service_name_template$.perfdata.$interface$_out_bps.value"

min = "0"
title = "Interface $interface$ Traffic"
lineWidth = "2"
yUnitSystem = "si"

bpsin = "alias(color($metric$, '#1a7dd7'), 'Traffic in (B/s)')"
bpsout = "alias(color($metric$, '#0b3c68'), 'Traffic out (B/s)')"

check_command = "snmp-interface"

ppsindiscard = "$service_name_template$.perfdata.$interface$_in_discard.value"
ppsoutdiscard = "$service_name_template$.perfdata.$interface$_out_discard.value"

min = "0"
title = "Interface $interface$ Discards"
lineWidth = "2"
yUnitSystem = "si"

ppsindiscard = "alias(color($metric$, '#edb017'), 'Discard in (B/s)')"
ppsoutdiscard = "alias(color($metric$, '#ad7d05'), 'Discard out (B/s)')"

check_command = "snmp-interface"

ppsinerr = "$service_name_template$.perfdata.$interface$_in_error.value"
ppsouterr = "$service_name_template$.perfdata.$interface$_out_error.value"

min = "0"
title = "Interface $interface$ Errors"
lineWidth = "2"
yUnitSystem = "si"

ppsinerr = "alias(color($metric$, '#ff5566'), 'Error in (B/s)')"
ppsouterr = "alias(color($metric$, '#a80000'), 'Error out (B/s)')"
Screenshot of Graph

This template is usable for the snmp-interface check command from the ITL.
If you use a different command and have different perfdata value names you will have to adapt the template.
There is a part in the docs of the graphite module about templates and how they work:


Yeah changing it to binary didn’t solve my problem.