Graphite - Graph not shown for SNMP OID Services

Hello people,

my graphite doenst render graphs for my snmp services who got oid numbers.

My Performance Data looks like this:


Label Wert
iso. 4,316.00

I build a template to include the LABEL in the request but the LABEL doenst get resolved correctly.

The problem is this Part: perfdata.%2A.value

%2A shoud be iso.

For this i build this template:

value = “$service_name_template$.perfdata.$perfdata-label$.value”

But the perfdata-label does not resolve to iso.

Anyone ran into this problem?


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I guess the problem is that Graphite uses . as a divider and misinterprets the OID. Maybe the easiest workaround would be to rename your metric to something without . in it.

Honestly I haven’t looked into this for a while so maybe someone else has a better idea.

There’s a parameter called snmp_perf_oids which changes the labeling to the OID number.