Grafana Module update graphs automatically (iFrame)

Good day everyone :slight_smile:

I recently integrated Grafana graphs module into my Icinga2 instance. I was able to do it with graphite as TSDB for metrics. It all works perfectly apart from one thing:
when I add a new hosts to icinga2 through the director, specific service check graphs are not being shown at first. On the web interface of icinga2 I have to manually go to Grafana Graphs -> choose one of the service check graphs to open options and -> Update Graph.

They are only showing metrics from Grafana after this step.

The problem is that I work with thousands of hosts and those hosts are being added to icinga2 in an automated unattended matter. Having to update the graph every time manually after a host is created will quickly become tiresome.

Would anyone know a way to solve this issue?

Thank you and best regards,

Hi Sylwia,

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I would love to help but please be sure to include some screen shots , some logging, and some of the configuration you use for this feature! It would be much appreciated