Grafana graphs not showing in icingaweb2


We are currently getting the below error.

Cannot fetch graph with curl: ‘Operation timed out after 5002 milliseconds with 0 bytes received’.

This was working up until recently, it now either shows the above error message or just a blank white box. I followed the install guide some time ago and it was just fine.

When I go to the grafana web page everything is working as intended.

I have enabled debug mode in icingaweb2 and I can notice that in the graph URL section there is a section which is: /render/d-solo/myUIDforgraph

When I go to the page in grafana however it is /d/myUIDforgraph

I’m not sure if this could be the issue but I thought it may have been, is there a way to change this to test? Or if anyone else has any suggestions please let me know.

Grafana Version: 6.7.3
Icingaweb2 version: 2.7.3
Grafana version for icinga: 1.3.6

has anyone else had this issue ? we are still getting this

We are still getting this issue, not sure if anyone else is having this issue also and found a resolution ?

Hm, let me attempt a try. :thinking:

This is a network error. So whatever is accessing the grafana server is unable to. The question is, what’s accessing the server?

Are you using the iframe or direct integration? Then it’s your browser using your network address.
The other types of integration fetch the graphs directly on the web-server the grafana module is running, so there it’s the web-servers network address.

Has anything changed recently in your network? Are you experiencing the issue with all integration types?


Thanks for commenting!

It’s odd because this actually used to work. Everything else is actually working perfectly fine, its just this.

I thought it might have been related to my initial post findings with the section in the url ending with /render/d-solo/myUIDforgraph because when I go to the same thing in grafana, it is just a different url, instead of d-solo it is just /d/

Very odd

/render/d-solo/... is for graphs only, without all the other UI around what you’ll otherwise get.