Grafana graphs not showing in icingaweb2


We are currently getting the below error.

Cannot fetch graph with curl: ‘Operation timed out after 5002 milliseconds with 0 bytes received’.

This was working up until recently, it now either shows the above error message or just a blank white box. I followed the install guide some time ago and it was just fine.

When I go to the grafana web page everything is working as intended.

I have enabled debug mode in icingaweb2 and I can notice that in the graph URL section there is a section which is: /render/d-solo/myUIDforgraph

When I go to the page in grafana however it is /d/myUIDforgraph

I’m not sure if this could be the issue but I thought it may have been, is there a way to change this to test? Or if anyone else has any suggestions please let me know.

Grafana Version: 6.7.3
Icingaweb2 version: 2.7.3
Grafana version for icinga: 1.3.6

has anyone else had this issue ? we are still getting this