Grafana graph timeout blocks loading of page

On nearly each icinga host or service detail page we also have a grafana graph included.
Our grafana server is not very fast and often we are running into the default 10 second timeout loading the graph. The problem is: for the complete ten seconds the detail page remains blank and is only shown when the graph either got loaded or timed out.

Is it possible to integrate the graph so it gets loaded after the rest of the page? The important part for us is mostly not the history (=graph), but the current status of the service or host.
Is there a setting I can configure to accomplish this? Iā€™m out of ideas ā€¦


sounds like you are using the proxy access mode. Try to swtich to indirect proxy in the module configuration section: http://your-host/config/modules#!/grafana/config - docs.
This configuration option was introduced with module version 1.2.1.