Grafana graph for custom services - Defining X and Y Axis Units

Hi all

I’m using the default grafana “influx-default” graphana graph for all my charts .

For the most part, it auto scales and units are labeled correctly.

For monitoring windows, invoke ps returns data but units are not displayed properly in graph.

I am able to create a specific graphana graph for the specific invoke command, and set units in grafana statically, and it works,…I can see the new graph reflected correctly in that 1 test.

But I have MANY tests like this and there is no way I need to create a graph for each one individually

Is there a way to pass in a custom variable to grapaha in the default graph to specify type and units?

I hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

I was able to get this to work…unfortunately, I have to create a panel for each separate windows Invoke test I’m using.

For anyone interested, I duplicated the base “icinga-default” and called it “icinga-powershell”

It has 1 panel by default

I modified that 1 panel with the specific Invoke test and the proper unit and scale.

I then duplicated that panel, and only changed the test name.

Wash rinse repeate for as many Invoke tests you have and need charts for

Then in icinga, you import the same dashboard multiple timea for each invoke command and then reference the panel ID for the one holding the test

Hope this make sense…but it works great.

1 dashboard, MANY panels…