Get notification when icinga service is not running

I would like icinga2 to send me an email/notificaton when the actual icinga2 service is not running on a remote host. Right now when i disable the icinga2 service on a remote host and run the check the check just never executes. The ‘next check’ on icingaweb2 interface just keeps increasing with a minus sign in front of it for example " in -0m 38s’. This doesn’t really help me because I wont know that the service isn’t running if i dont get an email and the check just never executes. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

I recommend to monitor the agent connectivity by using cluster-zone.

This worked. I replaced the hostalive command with what you suggested and tested by stopping the icinga2 service and got a message about it. Thank you for you assistance. I appreciate it.