Generic search: which fields are used?


which fields are searched when I use the generic search at the very top left of icingaweb2:
Screenshot 2023-07-19 150947

E.g. I would like to store infos about running software at the single hosts and carepacks at notice fields of the host itself, but it seems that these are not covered by this search. Has anyone a hint how I could make this possible (with a workaround)? Or is there any feature addon for such cases. It should be easy to work with. At IcingaDB I´ve to create a custom filter everytime, which is complicated.


at the moment you can only search in the icingadb-web based on the object name.
I opened a case and they fixed it that you can now also search based on the display_name and/or the address.

The issue has been solved in the snapshot version of icingadb-web.

Or you have to wait for a new production version.