Freshness / Late check status


I’ve been backwards on forwards on this for a while, and really still don’t understand how to get Icinga to show on the master that hosts connected a zone have not been checked…

The wee red ‘dot’ in the service detail in the web UI shows that the checks for all of the hosts below a zone are late but I’m not seeing anyting at a dashboard level…

I have checks set to active, and have tried using check_command set to icinga, load and procs, but still don’t see a change in host of service status even though the docs suggest with checks set to active the check_command status should be reflected in the host status?


I’ve just shut down icinga2 service on one of my zones 50mins ago and a host connected to that zone as a parent is still showing all services green. The check_command is hostalive and the zone is the ping source for the host.

I thought that the documentation above would mean that the lack of freshness in the active checks would cause the hostalive to run and if that could not run because the zone is out.

The only indication that anything is wrong is the wee red dot in the detail of services. I’d like to see the services go Purple for unknown, or have another ‘Freshness’ service per host that would go red so I can see in the dashboards that something is up or get an alert.

Hints / suggestions?

  • Chris H.