Freshness check not executed

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I have a passive check for backups:

apply Service "backup" {
  import "generic-service"

  check_command = "passive"
  command_endpoint = host.vars.client_endpoint

  enable_active_checks = false
  enable_passive_checks = true
  check_interval = 24h

  assign where host.vars.backup_required == "true" && host.vars.client_endpoint


If a backup on a host is done successfully, I use the REST API to process the check result.

If the backup fails for some reason, the API call is not made and I expect the service to go to an UNKNOWN or CRITICAL state but the service remains in the OK state:

It was expected to update on 28 Mar but nothing changed:

What am I missing?

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for passive checks you need active also. If there is no passive check result, Icinga will call the check command you defined. You should also set the passive state (critical/warning or unknown) to be returned by the plugin and the output text if there is no passive check result.


Hi Carsten

Thanks for your reply. I am a bit confused since the documentation says the following:

“In Icinga 2 active check freshness is enabled by default. It is determined by the check_interval attribute and no incoming check results in that period of time.”

From the above, I assumed that Icinga will check freshness after the check_interval and if no results were received for that period, it will transition the state of the service to something other than OK.

If I understand you correctly I need to define an additional service in addition to my “backup” service, let’s call it “check-backup” for argument sake, that checks the freshness of my “backup” service. If that is the case then it doesn’t seem like Icinga is performing any freshness checks?

How would I check the freshness of the “backup” service inside the “check-backup” service?


you dont need to setup a second service. Just enable active checks and you get a notification if no passive result is received in the freshness period.


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Aha, that simple :smile: Thank you!


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