Fresh Start?

Is it possible to wipe out all existing data regarding host/service states… uptime…notifications etc… to get a clean start with respect to data?

I use director.

My scenario is this: I have Icinga2 working as I need it to for the most part but I would like to have a sort of “production” start where from this point forward all data should be clean.

There is a good deal if testing, trial & error etc… with hosts and services and all that data is in the system so reporting on it is skewed for quite a bit.

you can truncate the database and thus remove all historical data and data shown in the Icingaweb2.

to remove all nodes and other related definitions, you can use the multi select functionality of Director to remove multiple items and clear Hosts, Services etc` until you have only templates.

This will give you the “Clean start” you want

I would like to keep the objects… just not the history data that is associated with them.

Do you know how I would go about truncating the database to clear that out?

you can access the mysql table directly and truncate the table itself

There are several tables that hold historical data, and you will need to clean them all, for example


Thanks. I will give this a try.

The full list of tables that should be truncated could be found here. But please don’t truncate icinga_dbversion, this is still wrong on that web page.

Also discussed here: How to cleanup data from testing phase (continued)

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