Force Password Change

Hi All,

Recently got Icinga set-up and have started to provide my team with their login details.

As part of this I’ve been instructing them to change their passwords on login, however I was wondering if there was a way to enforce this? Ideally I’d like to be able to do the below;

  • Force password change on first login
  • Make all passwords expire every 90 days and thus be forced to change them
  • Enforce password rules such as character limits and special characters


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I’m not sure that there is a way off-hand to do this, but you could add an LDAP/AD backend for authentication.

Assuming that’s your corporate password policy, you should get the same effect.

Thanks Ben, unfortunately our Org isn’t allowing any new LDAP/AD integrations and is requiring application authentication go via our SSO SAML authentication, which Icinga currently doesn’t support (as far as Im aware).

Even if Icinga Web 2 does not support it, you can use it via Apache authentication and External authentication in Icinga Web 2. But there would still be a need for AD/LDAP integration for group membership for role mapping in most cases.

And for the original question no there is no password policy management in Icinga Web 2.

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