Force multiple checks

I migrated from icingaweb to icingaweb2 and now I am missing the option to force multiple checks.

Maybe I am just blind, but with icingaweb1 it was very intuitive.

After outages it is very helpful to force all failed checks to get a quick overview if everything came back online properly.

Mark your hosts/ services with Shift or Control and use the “check now” buttonUnbenannt


It works! Great!
Is it documented anywhere?


I do not know that. :man_shrugging:

Please mark the answer as solution and have fun in icingaweb2 :wink:

At the moment, there’s no user interface documentation as the many parts should be self-explaining. AFAIK there’s a tooltip somewhere.

Typically users ask in here or have found it already :wink:

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Found it (after searching the HTML source code):