Force Close Icinga2 Alert using API


We need to force close alert - irrespective of the status of the problem.
This is required as our customer wants if a ticket is closed without closing the problem a new ticket has to be generated.

So to do that we need to have a API call from ticketing system to close the event in icinga. And in next sampling cycle icinga will re-evaluate and will create a new alert - which will create a new ticket

So is there a way to close a event based on ServiceName!Hostname combination irrespective of the status of the actual problem

How about using a passive service check result to say “OK”, then the next
active check will say it isn’t.


Interesting thought. Lets say CPU Monitoring is an active check. It checks at an interval with ServiceName = CPU-Monitoring On Server XYZ

Now when a alert fire and CPU-Monitoring Service Ticket is Raised for XYZ.

ServiceNow Identify the Alert as MessageKey CPU-Monitoring!XYZ

So if Someone Closes the ticket we trigger a script sending a PassiveCheck Result to be OK for ServiceName = CPU-Monitoring and Server XYZ

Passive Check Result Freshness will not make the CPU-Monitoring Service Unknown as the active check is working as expected and will keep the Service Working.

Is that understanding Correct ?

Sounds good to me (but I haven’t tried it in practice).