Flapping alerts but not flapping in history

Hello All,
I hope you all are well. I have a question about flapping. A few weeks ago I enabled flapping on host only. All is working good except one host. It keeps going to a flapping state but the host history does not show any UP --> DOWN --> UP like flapping state changes. Can anyone provide details on why this host says it is flapping but no state change are showing up in the history?

Thanks in advance for your help.


maybe the docs will help how the calculation works: https://icinga.com/docs/icinga2/latest/doc/08-advanced-topics/#check-flapping There is a graph as example how the calculation happens. If you compare this calculation example with your situation, possible you’ll came to a result.

Hello Stevie Sy,
Thanks for your help. Yes, I did review this documentation about flapping earlier. The documentation says the calculation works by assigning a number value for each state change, of that last 20 command checks. In the history for this host, I do not see ANY state changes to calculation a value. How can this host get marked as flapping when their is not any state change? Thanks in advance for your help.



ok, I know only the theory from the docs and the workshops which I visited. But we have no use case until now yet. So I hope an other community member has more experience to help you.


I experienced the same behaviour (or alike). I see the FLAPSTART and FLAPSTOP, but no other UP/DOWN state changes. Before a flap is detected, a state change must exist and displayed