First deployment after install does not finish

Hello all,

I have successfully installed icinga, icingaweb2 and the director. I’m with the director at the point where I have to carry out the first deployment. However, the approx. 247 changes will not be rolled out. It loads and loads and doesn’t end.

A second start of the Deploment changes nothing. The Task say:

Deployment-Zeit 2021-06-27 09:17:01
Senden an
Konfiguration 1 Dateien, 0 Objekte, 0 Vorlagen, 0 Apply-Regeln, 1454,00 B
Dauer Erstellt in 0,02s, ausgerollt in 0,00s
Phasenname 44a6c761-80d4-4850-b0de-59550c4dca54
Start Unbekannt, warte auf Ergebnis der Konfigurationsprüfung

Do you have some idea what could be the fault?

Thank you very much. Have a great sunday!

Hello Oliver,

Have you configured the Background Daemon properly and started it?

Hey Yonas,

thank you very much! That was my fault. After enabling and starting the Daemon it works fine.

Best regards,