Filtering in PHP Curl

the documentation describes the filtering of a json call via php

$data = array(
                "attrs" => array('name','state','last_check_result','last_state_change'),
                "filter" => 'match("1", host.state)',

i also want to filter, if the check is active. how can i add another filter?


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The filter is just a string, similar to what you know from assign where expressions.

Using match for the host state is very expensive compared to a simple equality comparison btw. I’d rewrite it like so:

"filter" => 'host.state == 1'

What exactly do you mean with check is active … should it be actively executed on this specific cluster endpoint, or just for active checks enabled?


I want to add another filter criteria.
for example :
'host.state == 1 & == true

Ok, active is an internal object attribute, and should only be used in combination with paused. This indicates whether the host is actively checked on this cluster endpoint.

"filter" => 'host.state == 1 && == true && host.paused == false'

Filter expressions can be joined with logical operators.