Feedback Week Thread!

Hi folks,

it’s day 3 of the Icinga Feedback Week and today is all about knowledge sharing!

Also, you can choose your second Community Hero that will be honoured on our website and be congratulated with a goodie bag! :slight_smile:

Happy voting!

It is still the Icinga Director.
Though the new project I’m working on shows me the limitations of it here and there.

I would LOVE that as something inbuilt as well :smiley:
We are currently in the progress on finding some way to do that.
Either be syncing the files or having a central place to put them.

I’m fairly new to the automation world (meaning Ansible) and I don’t see how it would help me in keeping the files in sync accross multiple instances.
You don’t happen to have a guide/howto on that at hand :wink: ?

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I’m fairly new to the automation world (meaning Ansible) and I don’t see how it would help me in keeping the files in sync accross multiple instances.
You don’t happen to have a guide/howto on that at hand :wink: ?

There’s the Ansible playbooks that also has some how-to documentation, that might help you get started.
We do also have a (German) blogpost from Netways.
And I also found a topic here in the community that’s about Ansible.

No all in one solution, but at least some pointers :slight_smile:

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we have two:
for configuration: Director (here it feels like 1.8.0 is overdue - we don’t want to use the master branch)
for visualisation: Grafana

same here. For new installation we save our config on our salt-master. But for daily work we sync the conf-files via a cron job to the second master.
But in the case a colleague (is not a admin) created a very cool dashboard it isn’t easy to share without edit the conf file. A better way would also be great.

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A good way of synching config would be config management tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible and the like.
Since Icinga Web is pretty much exclusively configured in files this is actually rather easy to do, imho

That’s what I mean. Imho it is not a good way to use a third party tool for syncing configs. Particularly not, when the core has a built in config sync/ha feature via API. Why not having an API for syncing Icingaweb configs, too? Yes, I built my own config sync via GitLab and CI/CD, but that was sth. I had to do by myself. Imho a professional monitoring solution, which focus on high availability (and a monitoring has to be HA ) should have this implemented. At least for the most important module, which is icingaweb beside the core.
There are pros and contras with the modules of Icingaweb. E.g. You cannot just sync the config of the x509 module. If you just copy the configs, the scan jobs will run twice at the same time from both icingaweb instances and penetrate your database. Or the reporting module, where a simple config sync will end in sending 2 reports instead of only one. And all that ends in the fact, that you don’t have a real HA-Icingaweb instance, because you always have a “master” where you make config changes, which are synced to the slave, where your x509 scan job runs, where your reporting jobs run and a “slave” which you can use as fallback, when the master is down. Don’t get me wrong, I love Icinga and I am into it for over 5 years(?) now. But as @bodsch once very detailed described in his thread Architecture at icinga (a little bit of criticism ...) there should be more standardization, more inbuilt HA-features and last but not least, one module should not be dependent on another (e.g. no module should depend on the director, as there are still DSL lover [like me], who don’t use it). I don’t know if it is still present, but there where director dependencies in the past.

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Choose your next Community Hero! :slight_smile:

Sharing (knowledge) is caring. Is there anyone specific you think of that is such a help for you?

  • Martin Säfdal
  • Moritz Tanzer
  • log1c
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A little more information about each candidate:

Martin Säfdal:
Autor of the Blog series published by OpsDis

Moritz Tanzer:
Organiser of the Icinga Meetups Austria

one of the most active members of the community forum, answering questions and moderator! (

@Al2Klimov god of DSL


I’m afraid that our grandmaster works for Icinga and is therefore disqualified from participating :wink:

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oh too bad :frowning: anyway, he rocks :smiley:


Another nice tool for syncing the configuration is csnyc2 which is a small service around rsync which also recognizes which side is younger and can auto-resolve such conflicts.

I am using it in several production environments very successfully.

With user preferences now being possible to be stored in database, one reason to use it is gone, but still to many modules use ini files to store there configuration.


If you have an issue with Icinga, where do you check for a solution?

  • Docs
  • Forum
  • GitHub Issues
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Forum, then github, then


Be our guest - would you want to write a guest post on our blog?

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Feel free to reach out to us via if you would like to make a submission! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Have you ever been to an Icinga event or a Meetup? And would you like to at some point?

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Have you ever watched a video from our YouTube channel? And would you like to see more video content?

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Have you ever been to an Icinga workshop or training?

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Dear community,

along with today‘s topic, we thought it might be a good time to share the news.
Our next event “Icinga Insights” will also be all about sharing our knowledge!

We would like to give you some more insight into our processes, plans, products and progress!

If you joined our last Online Meetup, you might have experienced a few unplanned situations along the way with us - we’ll do our best to make the event go a little smoother this time!

It’s going to be similar to it though, as there will be talks from the Icinga team and partners and you will also have the chance to ask your own questions at a live Q&A again- in our traditional Icinga manner, we’re making every effort to give you the best possible experience ever!

Icinga Insights will take place in two weeks, the 2nd of December 2020 from 15:00 until roughly 18:00 (CEST)!

Interested? Great! We’re happy to have you with us - save your spot now!

We’re looking forward for Day 4 of the Icinga Feedback Week tomorrow! :slight_smile:

What do you look at the most in the Icinga Web?
=> i mostly use it to check if everything is running fine right after i deploy something, i mostly check at the services/hosts if they have proper variables sets and if they are running on the good poller, i also love the check now feature.

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Dear Icinga Community,

we’re overwhelmed by the comments and the votes you’re leaving. Thank you so much for having the interest to make Icinga the best version of itself!

We’re taking every feedback (whether it’s a vote or your personal feedback in the comments) into consideration, because it is very important to us that you are being heard.

So, today is day 4 of the Icinga Feedback Week with the topic „Code Contributor“.
We’re slowly coming to the end (tomorrow on Day 5, we’ll shoot out the last set of questions). Make sure to vote and/or leave your feedback as a comment. Polls are usually open for 2 days, after that we can not count your vote anymore.

Happy voting everyone! :blush:

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