Failed to start Icinga for Windows installation, caused by an error while communicating with Icinga Director

I can not register new hosts using IcingaDirector. Manual deployment/Icinga in general works.
When running “IcingaForWindows”-Kickstarter-PS the following error appears:

On the Icinga-server itself I can see the request in apache2.log - - [19/Apr/2024:12:12:57 +0000] “POST /icingaweb2/director/self-service/powershell-parameters?key=1234568901234abc HTTP/1.1” 200 1194 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT; Windows NT 10.0; de-DE) WindowsPowerShell/5.1.20348.2400”

I can not see any further log indication on the cause of this error.

The issue started happening after moving to a new OS which now leverages PHP 8.1
In Php8.1 Icinga for Windows one user said that 8.1 broke his director but 8.1 is a supported PHP version. I do not want to go back/rebuild with older PHP7.x

What should happen after the POST-request is received from apache ? Explaination of the technical workflow would help to understand the issue and find the root cause.

Thanks in advance.

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Icinga2 master(1-node deployment) with IcingaWeb2, IcingaDB,IcingaDirector on Ubuntu 22.04.03 with apache2 v2.4.52 with php8.1

I did run a old Icinga-Director version. Updated to most recent - it is working now.

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