Extend Icinga API to access icingaweb2 module data


I have a feature request for the trapdirector project to allow satellite to collect snmp traps and generate events.

On the master server, there is the database which holds configuration for snmp trap processing, so I need the satellites to be able to get this configuration.

Simple way is to allow direct access to database, but there can be security issues/firewalling which can make things harder to run.

First question is : is there any way to extend icinga2 REST API ?

I don’t think it is possible as project linked to icinga as Director uses it’s own API, so:

Second question : is it possible to generate an authentication token in IcingaWeb2 ? Or have a directory in which the module can evaluate this kind of token (so no authent on this directory) ?

I need to read data (simple get request with few parameters) and write data.

I’m also opened to any suggestion to another solution, but the idea is to remain simple.

thanks for your help



you should create a feature request aover at the github repo for this module. I bet the maintainers read there more often then here.


Hello there!

I agree with Carsten here, just hop over to GitHub and open an issue, if you haven’t already :slight_smile:
And if you have more questions than one, your should probably open a separate topic for each. This way it’s a lot less likely that some will get lost :slight_smile:

Have a nice week,

Ok, I’ll open an issue for this, thanks for your answers.

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