Export of director written templates

what we did: made a mysql dump of the director db on a working master (A), and imported the dumb on a new master (B). Master B didn’t had any director configuration prior to this. Both systems work with director v 1.7.2.

Why we did this: goal was to import template structures and director settings from system A to system B. Without importing the host objects.

Question: what is the best way to achieve this goal in general?

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Take a look at the option to export so called “Configuration baskets” with the Icinga Director.
That is another way to do it.

A Configuration Basket references specific Configuration Objects or all objects of a specific type. It has been designed to share Templates, Import/Sync strategies and other base Configuration Objects. It is not a tool to operate with single Hosts or Services.

You can create Basket snapshots at any time, this will persist a serialized representation of all involved objects at that moment in time. Snapshots can be exported, imported, shared and restored - to the very same or another Director instance.