Experience with Icinga and LoraWAN

Hi all,

I am currently very interested in the LORAWAN technology. I find the approach interesting for monitoring my NON IT infrastructure.

Have any of you ever implemented LORAWAN in Icinga2 and can tell me about your experiences?

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I see no overlap in technologies - one is networking the other is monitoring.
If you have commands to read the states of components, it’s quite easy to create icinga checks to execute them and return state, message and perfdata.
Also you will need to think about what devices/Information/states in your LoRaWAN you want represented as host and service objects in Icinga.
If you want to go full integration you could build a icingaweb2 module, that gets all the information, provides a director import source and check command like the vSphereDB or x509 modules.

Thanks for your reply.
I understand that we have two technologies here (network and monitoring). I was more interested in whether anyone has already worked with LoRaWAN and can tell me about their experience. I was surprised that I read so little about LoRaWAN in the Icinga forum.

I have ordered a LoRaWAN gateway and sensor and will test it. My current idea is to read the sensor values from the gateway via API. A separate module would be very cool, but is only an issue for the future.

To me, a check like this isn’t a big thing and even more checks never get published.

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