Exlclude timeranges in SLA Reporting

Hello everybody,

we want to use Icingaweb2 reporting and idoreport modules for SLA reporting.

According to our SLA agreements we need to proof the availability on the workdays. Thus we want to exlude certain timeranges e.G. public holidays, backup or maintenance windows etc. because otherwise we would just messed up our statistics.

Is there a way to do this? The timeframe definition in the reporting module doesn’t seem to support this.
Is there another way via configuration files or another UI?
The blog indicates https://www.claudiokuenzler.com/blog/968/create-sla-availability-statistics-reports-icinga2-monitoring claims that thrusk might be a solution to our problem.
But it’s based on the deprecated livestatus module, so investing time might be like riding a dead horse.
Any ideas?

Thanks and regards, Johannes.

Please refer to the following discussion

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