Execute service from two zones


I am currently planing a move from one single master server to a distributed setup and have some questions about distributed checks.
Our plan is to have the following:
System A: check everything which is configured
System B: check just a subset of the configured checks (just the checks which are in a special group)

The Idea behind this is, that we have our local System A and a second system at another datacenter which is not connected to our internal network but can just check the public services. I hoped that i do not have to create seperate services like check_http_local and check_http_remove.
Would it be possible to setup something like this by just using an additional variable on the check? Like deploy all check where remote==True to System B?

Kind regards
Philipp Rehs

Hello Philipp

What you are describing is a classic examples of “zones”.
You want a zone that is your external for those checks and another for “internal” then you can define services in the global-templates zone and use the apply rules to instruct the system where to execute the checks

apply Service "users" {
  import "generic-service"

  check_command = "users"

  assign where host.zone == external

So this will use the service and check each host for it’s zone association and execute it in the specific zone only.

Hello Assaf,

thank you for your information. But i do not see how i can assign a service to two zones. In this example i would need two apply servuce rules for every service, right? One for the default (internal) and one for the external or?

you can have multiple assign directives in a single service

apply Service "users" {
  import "generic-service"
  check_command = "users"
  assign where host.zone == external
  assign where host.zone == internal

but, like i said, the service has to be defined in a global zone for this to work

Sorry, maybe my description was wrong.
I do not want to define multiple hosts with different zones.
I want to define one host which gets assigned multiple services but some of these services are checked from two zones.

Afaik this is not possible.
If you want to monitor a host/service from two perspectives you will have to create a host object for each perspective (local and external) and assign them in their respective zones to have them checked by the icinga servers of the zones.

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Yep. If you want to have a generalized view on that, decide upon Business process views, or advanced cluster checks.