Excel Dump of All Custom Vars in Service


Management is asking for a dump of what is being monitored at each server - along with its thresholds across all services

What I need is to take a Services dump - /monitoring/list/services. That will give me servicename along with on what server it is distributed. But I also need to present all CustomVars in the same list against each row

The benefit is it will also have information of Threshold and also overrides (single service overrides).

Is there a way I can take a dump of all overrides / thresholds / host / servicename/ custom vars and overrides at one excel sheet?

So, If don’t know any direct way, but you can dump the currently running config with icinga2 config list. How to put that into an excel sheet? I don’t know and I doubt it would be useful, but that is up to your management I guess.


I ran icinga2 config list on primary master. Its not a known command it seems? Are you talking about icinga2 object list ?

The format is too complex in object list with all % and * etc. Is there a way to get it in json format

Hello @radioactive9
As far as i know, there is no direct way to output from icinga api or icingaweb to csv/excel for the informations you are requesting.
However i can provide you with the requests on the api that will return you the data you need in json, you’ll then need to convert on your own from json to csv/excel.

For example, if you want to dump all data for all services, you can run this :

curl -k -u user:password -H ‘X-HTTP-Method-Override: GET’ -X GET ‘https://master.localdomain:5665/v1/objects/hosts

Depending of you you need you can also add filters to the request.