Example for kubernetes yaml to deploy an agent

Hi, i need to deploy an icinga2 satellite to k8s (got several APIs only acessible from there i need to monitor).
Is there an example yaml to deploy an agent somewhere?
Docker Hub contains a list of vars i’ll probably need, but i also will need to add some certificates as secrets and mount them into the container etc. so en example would be really appreciated.

i got quite a bit farther in the meantime, i’ll share the example when i got it working :wink:
i’m currently stuck trying to get the icinga2 satellite to actuvely connect to the master since i don’t want to make it reachable from outside of k8s.
if i read Distributed Monitoring - Icinga 2 correctly, the endpoint entry for the master needs a host entry for that.
since (at least for now) i’m working without any permanent storage for the container i can’t just edit it and i found no way to set it via env (see Docker Hub).
anyone able to give a hint?

scratch that, i found the issue :smiley:

i’ll test a bit more and at least post an example here, maybe make a pull request for the docs so they got a working example :slight_smile:

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