Error with Kickstart Configuration

after installation icinga2 and icingaweb2 i follow the configuration dialogue. At the end i get a message for outstanding database migrations. If i press this button i get the following error:

“Migration 177 failed (SQLSTATE[42S21]: Column already exists: 1060 Duplicate column name ‘uuid’) while running ALTER TABLE icinga_service_set ADD COLUMN uuid VARBINARY(16) DEFAULT NULL AFTER id (Migration.php:60)”

  • Icinga Web 2 2.9.5-1
  • Icinga 2 2.13.2-1
  • RockyLinux 8.5
  • Apache 2.4.37 , PHP 7.3

Thanks for your answers!


Does the table icinga_service_set exist and currently have data?

What is your IDO? (postgres, mysql, etc…)

Thanks for your support. I have the solution, my mistake. :see_no_evil:

Do you mind sharing the solution in case someone else comes across the error? :slight_smile:

I had an error in icinga director installation.