Error when restoring Icinga for Windows CheckCommand Basket - Failed to load director_datalist "11" (DbObject.php:642)

Hi Community!

Im trying to roll out the new Icinga for Windows Client. Installing it and generating the CheckCommands all works fine.
After uploading the basket to the director and then trying to restore it i get the following error:
Failed to load director_datalist “11” (DbObject.php:642)

Here are the generated CheckCommands (filetype changed to txt because i can’t upload json): PowerShell_CheckCommands_02-09-2021-11-44-9163.json.txt (146.9 KB)

Any idea what’s wrong or how i can fix this error?

Im using the following versions:
Icinga 2.12.3
Icinga Web 2.8.2
Director 1.8.0
Powershell Framework 1.3.1
Powershell Plugins 1.3.1

Thanks ind advance!

Looks like an reference for an non existing datalist. Can you run:

select * from director_datalist where id = ‘11’;

in the director db?

PS: Happy to see that other guys (not only me) from the real north using icinga as well :smiley:

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Small world, isn’t it? Maybe one day we’ll meet at the Waldviertler IT-Stammtisch? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the tipp! I indeed had no datalist with id 11. I insterted it myself now:

INSERT INTO director_datalist (id, list_name, owner) VALUES (11, ‘test’, ‘user’);

After that the basket import worked like a charm.
I probably deleted the the datalist a while ago when i did some testing and some templates/hosts where still using it - funny that this is even possible

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