Error when deploying a new host


I have recently installed an Icinga 2 server (2.11.4-1, icingaweb2 2.8.1, director 1.7.2), and now it’s time to add my first host but I have an error when I try to:

Here is my agent_zones.conf:
agent_zones.conf.txt (110 Bytes)
Where SVR-SUP is my Icinga server and SVR-MGT is an host.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @RedBack
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It seems you have not configured node wizard setup in both master and agent
you need to define the Endpoint inside the zones.conf master itself and share zone.conf


This is a typical error when Icinga Agent is set to no at the host object in the director.

Can you show me an example of zones.conf in my case?

I’ve done the wizard on both but maybe I made a mistake! (surely…! :D)

Hi @RedBack

Pls read the docs described
here monitoring basics and node wizard