Enable IPv6 support for icinga repository?

Now that icinga brings a new network stack in 2.11 enabling us to use it in a dual stack environment (or like for us in a mixed DS and IPv6 only env) it would be great to have the package repositories be reachable not only via legacy IPv4 but also via IPv6. Currently there is only a A record for packages.icinga.com. Is it possible to change this in the near future?


the “old” network stack before 2.11 also natively supported IPv6, it now is just easier to listen on all sockets by default rather than specifically binding the socket address. That’s a bug being fixed with using Boost ASIO for the network stack rather than our native code.

In terms of the infrastructure behind icinga.com there’s plans move the existing platform to OpenStack which fully supports both versions. No ETA here, since this not only covers “just switching it on” but also monitoring and support integration & training. The people managing our infrastructure are working on this in the foreseeable future.