Empty perfdata files in /var/spool/icinga2/perfdata directory

Hi Team,

This morning, I have noticed a strange behaviour in my icinga2 environment.

Below are the version details.

Apache - 2.4.41
Icinga2 - 2.11.2
Icingaweb2 - 2.7.3
PHP - 7.3.13
OS - RHEL 7.6

Till last evening i could able to see the perfdata in icingaweb2 console in pnp4nagios graph, when i checked this morning i have noticed that there is no data in pnp4nagios graph.

I initially suspected that, it is becuase of pnp4nagios issue. but after investigating i have realized that icinga2 is creating empty files in /var/spool/icinga2/perfdata directory.

I could see the performance data under the performanc data label in icingaweb2. these checks were showing data till last evening.

I have enabled debuglog and it is picking the perfdata values as per the check output but while writing to perfdata directory…these are empty files.

Any suggestions to troubleshoot this issue?

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Krishna Rajapantula

What does df tell you about available disk space?


Only 1% used. I have lot of disk available to write.

thanks for the response.

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The perfdata feature in the webinterface is enabled?

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It is disabled. Just now I enabled it. Looks like it is working…Let me monitor this for sometime and update here.

I have enabled the perfdata feature in the backend using command and also I can see this perfdata in enabled feature list.

Can you please tell me where to check this in the backend conf files?

With Regards,
Krishna Rajapantula

I don’t believe enabled/disabled features can be controlled from a
configureation file (and therefore there’s nowhere to look to find out what
setting they have) - this is why the “icinga2 feature” command exists.

I’m not a developer, but I suspect this means the enabled/disabled settings
are stored in the private Icinga database.

You can find out which features are enabled using the command “icinga2 feature


I mean I have disabled/enabled using “icinga2 feature” command. Still it was not showing data. But after you post, I have checked the icingaweb2 log and noticed that one of my collegue has disabled it from GUI…
After enabling this from GUI I can confirm that again I started seeing data.

Hence closing this thread.

Thanks a lot for the response and troubleshooting.

With Regards,
Krishna Rajapantula