EL9 and subscription

So let me get this straight: For EL9 you only support RHEL 9. AlmaLinux 9 may work, but as it’s not 100% binary compatible anymore, it’s unsupported.

For EL9 I have to buy a repository subscription. bummer. Not free anymore. The developer subscription won’t do it for us.

For EL9 I basically have to buy RHEL licenses, too, because “may support” basically means “we don’t support”.

For EL9 I have to contact sales to buy a repository subscription. Which only tells me “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.” whenever or how often I try.

If I look into the network protocol of the browser tools I see the following JSON in the http response:

	"contact_form_id": 267287,
	"status": "spam",
	"message": "There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.",
	"posted_data_hash": "",
	"into": "#wpcf7-f267287-p190474-o1",
	"invalid_fields": []

So you are saying my attempt to contact sales to get a quote on a EL9 repository subscription is spam.

And I wouldn’t even get any support, i.e. I still would have to desperately post here and hope that someone answers, if ever. So basically, I can buy software for which I have to fix the bugs myself?

So that really makes me think if I need to move on to a different monitoring product. Icinga2 isn’t free anymore. It very much limits my choice of OS to a OS for which I have to pay, too, as I want to stay with EL based OS. I cannot even ask about a repository subscription because that is considered spam.

So I cannot use Icinga2 on EL9 even if I wanted to. Even if I wanted to pay for it, because it’s spam…

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry…

The general inquiries form has the same issue. They don’t want you to contact them…

Hilarious update to the subscription saga :rofl:

We use Alma Linux and move back to Debian after a stint with Cent OS.
The probability of the RHEL 9 packages not working on Alma will be slim.
Besides Alma showed some willingness to compile Icinga2 and package it themselves - maybe ask again in the chat or better open a issue.

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Oh no, there must be an error in the spam detection that we don’t know about - I’ll look into it.
You should definitely be able to contact us!

I personally can’t help you with your issue here, but I will get your topic into the right inbox.

Really sorry about the inconveniences and frustration you’re experiencing. I’m on it!


Hello @gvde,

First of all, I’m sorry for the inconvenience and trouble our spam detection caused on your end. It seems like your business email address is flagged as a spam address by Akismet, our spam detection provider.

I was able to identify your request and forward it properly. We also made sure to enhance our error messages to include an email address people can use alternatively if they run into similar issues.

Additionally, we evaluated if anyone else was affected by such a false positive, luckily we don’t have any other cases. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!