DSL code and functions in Director Service

Hi all,

I am looking for a solution to have something like Calculate a state over multiple services generated by Director:

  • one import job gives me the variable-A (multiple-cluster names as in the example @ icinga blog)
  • sync job generates one service (using the DSL code) and fills the variable-A
  • all services will be applied to one dummy host.

This example works perfectly fine by using Icinga DSL in config files. Due the fact that we are not using any config files (highly automated environment using Director) this is a bit unfavorable and not manageable.

So … how to achive this?

  • using a template from a config file does not work - director does not know it - Inhertiance fails.
  • using DSL in an “Commands” does not work for unknwon reason - dsl never gets executed … (still my most promising solution to be honest)
  • other ideas?

As always - idea´s much apperciated :slight_smile:


What does this mean? Did you run Kickstart Wizard after modifying command objects?

I tried using the DSL code in Director / Commands / $the cmd name$ / Arguments → Value type: Icinga DSL.

Yes, kickstart wizard was run.

One minor detail: I tried using a Service template using the “dummy” check command.

Whats the recommended way doing such things?