Docker-icingadb retention problem

Hi All, I can’t set history retention via env vars, I don’t understand where I’m going wrong,
I configured icinga-db using the icinga/icingadb:1.1.0 image
I added the env vars to the container:
but it does not work

Thank you.

Can you have a look inside the container itself to see what the config.yml looks like? It seems not all of the configuration is passed through correctly.

Hi Erik,
this is the config file that is composed by the entrypoint (icingadb.yml) :

I saw that a regex is made in the entrypoint:
var myEnv = regexp.MustCompile((?s)\AICINGADB_(\w+?)_(\w+)=(.*)\z)
if i’m not mistaken it doesn’t support using the “-” in the variable
Am I doing something wrong or is there an issue