Distributed monitoring first steps

Hello all,
I am new to icinga, but very friendly with Nagios.
I am trying to set up a distributed monitoring system, with 2+ Master nodes, 2+ satellites, X clients and a shared MySQL DB. I have managed to create a master1-2 zone and connect them to the DB, but I did not make it further. Could you please provide me some steps (bullets, like install icinga2, create zone, setup wizard etc) on how to make it? I tried to play a bit with node wizard and node setup but I get too much confused at the end. a bit of topic question, which might be the best OS to install icinga2, if there is any, I am using Centos 7.10, but I have seen that many are using Debian also. Thanks in advance!!!

I’d assume you didn’t read this scenario already?

It also helps to start simple, and connect a satellite/client to the master and see how the trust relationship, connections and configuration actually plays together.

In terms of the OS I’d suggest to keep it the same for maintenance reasons. If you really want to mix them, always choose an LTS version of the distribution like CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.


Thanks for your information @dnsmichi. I have read the doc several times, but due to the nature of the documentation and the capabilities of Icinga2, I am getting confused and lost. I will give some more tries and I will come back with an update!

Cheers! :slight_smile: