Disk_partition_excluded wildcard

Hello, I monitor several Linux servers and these have now mounted a new disk due to antivirus.
This disk cannot and should not be monitored.

The problem is that the name keeps changing.
I have tried to use a wildcard, unfortunately without success.

Do you have an idea how I can exclude the disk?

The -I for ignore supports *

./check_disk -w 10% -c 5% -A -I ‘/opt/eset/eei/bin/*’

Hello, thank you for the fast response.

The checks are configured in director.
Is it possible to use this for the director version, and what file do I need to edit if so?

You most likely need to add the field


To your command or service template

Hello, I have added the variable.
Unfortunately I get the error “DISK UNKNOWN: Paths need to be selected before using -i/-I. Use -A to select all paths explicitly”

I have tried the following commands:

-A -i '/opt/eset/eei/bin/
-A -i /opt/eset/eei/bin/

-A ‘/opt/eset/eei/bin/’ -i
-i '/opt/eset/eei/bin/
’ -A
‘/opt/eset/eei/bin/’ -A -i
’ -i -A

Do you have any tips on what I’m doing wrong?

The parameter should not go into the field icinga will do that for you add just the path without quotes.

we might need a second field named “disk_all” as a boolean to tell the command to check all disks

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