Disconnection time history

Hello, I have established icinga web 2 v2.12.4 on my laptop with debian 10 to monitor some computers remotely, and everything works correctly. Now I would like to know some way to be able to see some history that indicates what time (s) they have been I have disconnected the computers since I will not be able to be 24 hours a day pending icinga 2. Greetings

Sorry, but could you be a little more clear about what it is you want to

It’s not clear to me whether you are asking how to measure:

  • times that the remote computers have been disconnected from the Icinga


  • times that you have been offline and not watching the monitoring system.

I’m going to assume that your requirement is the first, so I’ll ask a few
further questions:

  1. Have you installed Icinga as an Agent on the machines being monitored?

  2. What Operating System/s are the remote machines running?

  3. You say that you have installed Icingaweb 2.12.4 on your laptop, but the
    latest version is 2.9.0 Releases · Icinga/icingaweb2 · GitHub

Maybe you mean you have installed Icinga 2.12.4 (which does exist) on your
laptop, so perhaps your question is regarding the uptime or network
connectivity of the remote machines, when your Icinga server (the laptop) is
turned off?

Icinga can’t monitor anything when the machine it’s installed on is not

I think perhaps a good question is “what exactly is it that you want to

Depending on where and how you have installed Icinga, we can probably help


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i have incinga web 2 installed on debian 10 and i’m monitoring computers with ubuntu 20.04 and raspbian. What I want to observe with the monitoring is a record of all the times that one or more of the equipment has been disconnected, for example: a device that disconnects from 13:00 to 15:00 and from 02:00 to 02:30 I want it to show me that said equipment was disconnected at that time, how can I see that history in icinga 2 web? , since from what I have been able to observe icinga web2 only shows how long a pc was disconnected for the last time but not as a record of all the disconnections that the computer has had

What do you get if you start from Icingaweb2 and select:

  • History
    • Event Grid
      • Object Type = Hosts

click on “Apply” and then click on the time period of interest.

Does that show you the information you need?

Alternatively, have you considered using Host Notifications as a way to build
up a history of the information you want? That can tell you when a host is
down, and when it returns, and you can configure a notification to run any
command you like (write to a database, send an SMS, send an email, raise or
clear an alert of its own, literally anything), so that is a general purpose
solution to many situations when you want to know “what happened when?”


no friend unfortunately it is not what I want, I need a kind of log that indicates the beginning and end in which I disconnect throughout the day through the dashboard