Director vs Config Files

In many Documentations its mentioned to go with one way not mixing both together. but what i dont understand is why this is a problem.
If i run the Director Kickstart, all config file with be written from the files into director.
So what is bad about this?

The Director also has a config directory on the machine, and i can modify it manually.

So what exactly should i avoid with going for 1 way?



No, not all object types.

You manual changes will be overwritten with next deploy run.

It is highly recommended to use conf files OR director. Mixing both option can result in naming conflicts or in issues which are hard to find or any other unexpected behaviour.

In addition to @rsx answer:
After some time your config will growing and growing (more checks, new ideas etc.). Also don’t forget the personal situation! What I mean colleagues are coming and going (retirement, quits job, illness etc. etc.)
So I’m pretty sure, if you mix the configuration after some time, i’ts difficult to know where something is configured. Than it needs some small changes at the wrong place and you break the hole system.

Also maybe have a look at this older thread with a very similar name: Director vs. conf files

P.S. (slightly OT): To try to argue here also that using Director in a team of Icinga admin’s does have its advantages, read my last posting there…