Director Self Service Api and icinga-powershell-framework wont load local agent msi file for installation

We try to install a windows client with the powershell-kickstart-script and the self service api.

In the Director we configure a fileshare as the source of the Agent .msi file. Unfortunately the kickstart script still downloads the file from icinga itself and not the fileshare. I don’t know what to do.

We call :

Start-IcingaFrameworkWizard -RepositoryUrl '\\Netfileshare\' -ModuleDirectory 'C:\Program Files\WindowsPowershell\Modules\' -AnswerFile '' -InstallCommand '{"IfW-DirectorSelfServiceKey":{"Values":["e5ff41ed01ab394e4ecb2b4592b6c69928f1d30f"]},"IfW-DirectorUrl":{"Values":["https:/director/director/"]}}' -AllowUpdate $false -SkipWizard $false -IfW160 $TRUE;

Sel service api config:

When we used our own script with the self service api in the past it worked with the fileshare

Start-IcingaAgentInstallWizard -SelfServiceAPIKey $apitoken -EmptyCA 0 -UseDirectorSelfService 1 -DirectorUrl $url -OverrideDirectorVars 0 -ConvertEndpointIPConfig 1 -Ticket ''	-EmptyTicket 1 -InstallFrameworkPlugins 0 -InstallFrameworkService 0 -CAEndpoint $ca -debug -RunInstaller; Exit;

Can someone help me?

We are using powershell-framework version 1.8.0