Director only contains external commands, other services, commands and hosts (and templates for all) are empty

Hi. I’m trying to configure icinga director on 2.12.4 with icingaweb2 2.8.2 with director 1.8.0 on gentoo linux.

Icinga and icinga-director services are up, icingaweb2 interface is working properly.
I configured director, pointed it to the api and deployed the changes, but I can only see that it contains external commands. the director did not import any of the host, services and command (and their templates) at all. any ideas how to resolve this ?

to restart the process I just go to the database, delete and create the director database, change it’s owner to director user and then go to the web interface to ‘icinga director’, reconfigure the api user import and deploy the changes. i see no errors there. director works properly i can create my own host templates and commands and the deployment doesn’t provide any errors.

so what am I missing here? why director is not fetching the command, services and host templates from icinga ?

thank you

Hi & welcome to the icinga community,

It is working the other way around. Means you create host, service etc. within the director and deploying will “hand over” them to icinga.

Hi :slight_smile: thank you for your warm welcome :smiley:

yeah it works the other way around.
I checked it by running icinga node wizard on another host, setting this one as the master, and then I added the host using icinga director with a simple linux-server template that I created using director as well so it only added the ping4 service (I assume because of the host alive check that I added)