Director multiple instances support

Hello all
There was a topic about Director multiple instances support
with an option to switch between them from the singe web frontend
But there is a lack of documentation about it
How I can turn this option on?
Any help will be very appreciated)



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Maybe there are any other ideas on how I can verify that configuration is fine before deployment on production Icinga?
Having the same test instance may be a problem for this type of scheme:

I’m also interested in multi tenant environment.
The only one informative topic i found -

In /etc/icingaweb2/modules/director/config.ini should be info like:

resources = "director_db1, director_db2"

Also as i understood in Director kickstart you will be able to set different (Staging) Icinga2 master instead of Prod for deployment

I’d suggest creating a new issue over at GitHub, missing documentation definitely is a bug.


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