Director How To Notifications


This small thread accumulates some how to guides which gather around the topic off notifications in the director.

Notification Guides

Title Notification setup guide director

The first guide is from an older thread which you can find language (English) here

Title Icinga 2, Icinga Director and Notifications

The second guide is a guide written by Marianne Spiller (English) here

Title Icinga 2 + Director + Notifications = <3

The guide from above is also available in (German) here

Title Setup Email Notification through Icinga Director

The third guide is also from an older written thread [here] (


Regular notification scripts are explained in the official documentation here and further here

To Do’s

If you like those guides or feel like they are outdated and you want to contribute to those guides with your own. Please feel free to add your own written guide on how to handle notifications with the director in :open_book: written form or :video_camera: even as a visual guide screencast.