Director/Fileshipper: Column values in sync rule properties not expanded

Hi all,

I am having a strange problem with syncing objects (here hostgroups) into the Icinga Director, where the import source is using the fileshipper.

The import from the CSV files works without problems and I have all the columns and their values visible in the preview tab.
The sync rule basically works as well and I can create a hostgroup off of each imported line.
The problem begins, when I want to add properties to the sync, like shown in the following screenshots:

only wanted to create one hostgroup at first, to test the assign_filter statement

assign_filter (ignore the lowercase ${hostgroup_name}, it was a test. The UPPERCASE isn’t working as well)

Sadly this results in all the hostgroups being imported:

And here is one of the host group objects, with the not correctly resolved assign filter:

So there seems to be a problem using the column values in the “Source Expression” or “Filter expression” fields, but the object_name property is correctly filled with the value of the source column.

I am pretty sure the filter expression or notation of the column is correct, so I’m somewhat stuck as to where look next.

Anyone here using the fileshipper to sync .csv or .xlsx files regularly and who can give me some tips and tricks or dos and don’ts to keep watch for :)?

Best regards :wave:

Turns out the source of all evil where the XLSX files.
Those where not in the correct “Microsoft Excel 2007” format but in “OOXML” format.
This caused the fileshipper to not correctly recognize the information.
This also resulted in the CSV files not correctly exported from the XLSX files and thus missing the " around the values leading to the problems described above.