Director basket description

Where can I find a documentation about the basket feature of the director? Unfortunately, import via GUI fails on my machines, so I’m using cli instead.

According to my first tests, existing host templates will simply be overwritten with the objects from the imported json file. Are there any options/parameters to change this behavior? Does something like dry run exist? As far as I remember from some hardcopies via GUI it’s different e.g. differences could been evaluated. Is that correct?

Another test: delete a data list and try to reimport a snapshot results in:
ERROR: Icinga\Exception\NotFoundError in /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/director/library/Director/Data/Db/DbObject.php:628 with message: Failed to load director_datalist “”


the release tags don’t contain any, only git master has a short introduction. I haven’t done anything with baskets yet, @mfrosch and @tgelf can probably help better here.


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