Director API, howto query notification(s) and a general overview about queryable objects


I have another two questions.
First, how can I query notifciation rules in director.

I know I can query a single notifciation, If I know the exactly name:


then I will get a result.

But how can I get a list of all defined notifications?



{"status":"error","message":"Not found"}

Is there a way to get a list of defined notifications?

The second question is, is there a more complete overview over the queryable objects and query options for the director api available. Yes I’ve red the doc but that’s not really complete. It’s only about hosts and a small text about services and serviceapplyrules.

We’d like to do more director actions with scripting using the api interface, but it’s not so easy without having enough information, what’s possible and howto access objects in director.

Thank you and best regards


the director is a graphical user interface for configuration. Its not made to script the configuration with it :wink:
If you need only to know wich notifications exist and is active in icinga, use the icinga api (which is really great for scripting).


Hello Carsten,

thank you for the reply, at least you are (a liitle bit) right. :wink:
director ist great doing things in a special (I call it director) way.
We decided to use director, in case for his web interface and for creating and managing dependencies. This is really great!
That makes it also easy for people with not so much knowledge to do small changes (thresholds, adding/removing/changing single services and so on).
UNfortunately it’s nearly impossible to use director and icinga config at the same time for configuring icinga. So, for the moment we will stay with director, and somehow we have to do some scripting with it.


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