Director 1.7.1 Bugfixes

Hello Director Team,

Unfortunately, after updating to Director 1.7.1, I found that defining a “Service Apply Rule” no longer exists in the entire “Check Execution” drop down menu.

Does that mean if I define an Apply Rule and it should have a different check interval, which I have to do all over Import -> Service Templates.

Then I would need for each Apply Rule the other values ​​needed in the check execution a service template. Then I would end up with 1000 … Service templates only for the check interval …

Does that do it?

Many greetings to all

Thats the Image with Check Intervall

Thats the Image without Check Intervall (Apply Rule)

That never existed for apply rules as far as I can remember.
You always had to change that via the service templates.

Your screenshots show that, as the first screenshot is from a service template and the second is from an apply rule.

I think you will have to create different service templates for different check intervals, time periods and what else you want to change.
The question that comes to my mind:

  • is that really necessary?
    – Different time periods or check intervals I can under stand, ut how can that add up to thousands of templates ;)?

Since we also have nrpe checks on the servers (about 8000 nrpe checks on AIX servers), these are run only every … minutes due to the load and the amount of services, and each check has its own interval, its own timeout as well as has its own check retry interval

Since I have to confirm, unfortunately, that the Director is not to use, but the whole on config files for an admin is much easier to solve.

The simple users but the configuration on the Director is better of the hand than to configure everything about config files on the shell.

Which is *censored text*. In service sets where i add single services you can choose your template and still be able to change check settings for each service you add to the set.

This should also apply for single services and applied services. A template, at least from my understanding, sets defaults which can/should be overwritten if needed. Generateing thousends of templates for the same command/check is not the way it should be. We create x services/apllied services with the same template, but maybe only differs in retry_interval or disabled perfdata etc.


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Good to know, never noticed that :slight_smile:

i opened a feature request for this problem (not sure if it is a bug) #1998

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Question here: Why? Can you explain this a bit more in detail and which problem you are solving by doing so?

We have about 15,000 NRPE checks or checks that are not running on the client in use, many of which are executed at a different interval, retry interval, maximum retries, timeout and check period.

Here it would be very advantageous if you can assign checks in an Apply Rule different values ​​in the check execution.